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Curriculum Vitae: Yizhar (Izzy) Toren

Qualifications (what I do)

Analytics & Optimization

I learn the stakeholders’ world view and terminology and translate them into solvable analytical problems. I provide in depth analysis and deliver timely, practical recommendations. I’ve implemented behavioral analytics for segmentation and optimization, used advanced bayesian methods for marketing and product analytics, built NLP & image based recommendation systems and large scale ML based predictive logistics models.

Statistics & machine learning

Statistics & machine learning: I design and build a wide array of statistical and ML models (GLM/GAM, bayesian models, causal impact, random forsts/XGB and other tree methods, matrix factorization, PCA, neural networks, AutoML etc.). I have designed controlled experiments, worked with data on small and large scale (from clinical trials to big data from production machines) and designed ETL processes to engineer new data features, so I’m familiar with both experimental/ prototyping and engineering concepts.

Teamwork & Delivery

I was responsible for end-to-end delivery of multiple analytical projects. I headed teams of 2-5 consultants (10 projects in 3 years), from pre-sale and sales engineering to team leadership, managing customer expectations, technical support and hands on implementation.

International experience

East to west: South Korea, Russia, Turkey, Poland, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Nordics, UK, USA/Canada.

Writing & presentation skills

I presented in several confeprences, wrote white papers on customer behaviour and consulted on academic papers. See some of my persoal projects and talks that I gave in multiple conferences

Programming / engineering skills

R (expert), Python, SQL, Spark(SQL/R/Py), Excel/BI, NLP frameworks (spaCy) and some work with H2O, STAN / PyMC3 and ElasticSearch.


Career History

Publications and conferences

See publications and conferences where I spoke


Hebrew & English (native speaker level), very basic German